DOCKER CONCEPT FOR DBA– PART 9 : How to use docker tar command in docker to re-instantiate new docker

1.Creating docker tar file from docker image.We can transfer that tar file and import to another docker instance. root@deb-VirtualBox:~# docker image save mywebserver:v1>mywebserver.tar root@deb-VirtualBox:~# ls -ltr mywebserver.tar -rw-r–r– 1 root root 330399232 May 2 19:53 mywebserver.tar 2.Remove the existing docker image  root@deb-VirtualBox:~# docker rmi -f mywebserver:v1 Untagged: mywebserver:v1 3.Please note the image is deleted root@deb-VirtualBox:~# docker images 4.Now we can […]