Backup and recovery Interview questions


1) What are pre-checks you do before doing point in time recovery?
2) There is no previous level zero backup available, Can we take a Level 1 backup?
3) My database have 500+ datafiles, In that I lost 89 files. How you will identify which files to recover?
4) Can you explain what are internal mechanism of Transportable tablespace restore & recovery?
5) Database is UP and has taken Level 0 backup, is the backup taken is Consistent or Inconsistent?
6) How to use physical standby backup to restore primary database?
7) A database is running in ARCHIVELOG mode since last one month. A datafile is added to the database last week. Many objects are created in this datafile.
After one week this datafile gets damaged before you can take any backup. Now can you recover this datafile when you don’t have any backups?
8) You lost some datafiles and you don’t have any full backup and the database was running in NOARCHIVELOG mode. What you can do now?
9) You loss one datafile and it does not contain important objects. The important objects are there in other datafiles which are intact. How do you proceed in this situation?
10) What is the significance of fast_start_mttr_target parameter?


11)How to improve tape backup performance ?
12)Any statistics about how much time it will take to back up per TB data to tape and best way to configure tape backup ?


13)How backup as copy and roll forward works in Rman incremental merge


14)Can we take scn(not current) based backup if no archive available.
15)How rman is maintaining the consistency in the backup , like backup running long hours
16)Is it possible to restore specific tablespaces to bring back specific tables In 11g .. if yes steps pls
17)12c new features with regards to backup and recovery
18)how to identify block corruption and options to fix it with rman..
19)is block change tracking mandatory to have incremental backup
20)How do we recover a redo log group if we lost


21)suppose there is corruption in datafile ID 92, if I take a full back of the Db using rman, it will fail unless I include a parameter, what will be the parameter?

22)suppose my archivelog sequence 5 and 6 is missing, now I am taking a archivelog backup, will it be successful, if not what I need to be done?

23)How to tune RMAN buffer?

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