Backup and recovery Interview questions

Sarat 1) What are pre-checks you do before doing point in time recovery? 2) There is no previous level zero backup available, Can we take a Level 1 backup? 3) My database have 500+ datafiles, In that I lost 89 files. How you will identify which files to recover? 4) Can you explain what areContinue reading Backup and recovery Interview questions

RMAN interview questions

Heman Sahi 1. Your RMAN backup triggered, you deleted snapshot controlfile at backend, what will happen to your running backup ? 2. what happens internally when we issue ‘ RESYNC CATELOG’ for recovery catelog ? 3. You enabled Block change tracking and then immediately performed level 1 backup, will BCT be used ? 4. YourContinue reading RMAN interview questions

Redo,Undo,Control file interview questions

Thanks Akhil Mohan. Debasis Maity: 1.Why controlfile and redolog file multiplexed? Control file : A control file is a small binary file that records the physical structure of the database and includes: The database name. Names and locations of associated datafiles and online redo log files. The timestamp of the database creation. The current logContinue reading Redo,Undo,Control file interview questions

Oracle user role and privilege interview questions

 Answer Credit:- How we can execute PLSQL without any privilege to change it What are the default user created when Oracle is installed ? Can you create password less user in Oracle ? If yes how ? How we can see the procedure /package body with out having privilege to execute it HowContinue reading Oracle user role and privilege interview questions

Database Architecture Interview Questions

What are base tables? When and how they will get created? Ans:-Are read-only tables(Data Dictionary Tables) that hold information about the database. Base tables are own by SYS. When and how they will get created? They get created when the database is built. Why to execute catproc.sql script? Ans:-Used to create and recreate databaseContinue reading Database Architecture Interview Questions

EXPDP IMPDP Datapump interview questions

1.What are new features of datapump in 12c? 2.which case we need to use flashback_time or flashback_scn parameter? If you need consistent backup for example when you do initial load using datapump for golden gate. 3.During impdp with full=y caluse , do we need to create user before import? No.User will be automatically created.Continue reading EXPDP IMPDP Datapump interview questions

Generic DBA

Listener related questions:- Answer Credit:- 1.Can we manually force a particular scan ip (out of the three) to relocate on a particular host (lets say – on node 5 of 5 node RAC) ? Ans:- srvctl relocate scan_LISTENER -i 1 -n node1 $ srvctl relocate scan -h Usage: srvctl relocate scan -i <ordinal_number> [-nContinue reading Generic DBA