Backup on-premise database and restore to Oracle cloud database

My on-premise database hostname:-gnssrv01 Database name:-orcl12c Cloud database hostname:-myclone A.Backup of on-premise database to cloud container Please create the empty container for holding backup of on-premise database using following link 1.First I need to install backup module for cloud in on-premise database You need to download opc.cert and opc_install.jar mentioned in above metalink note (Doc ID 2360941.1) [oracle@myclone ~]$ […]

Active RMAN duplicate clone 12c using section size and compress backupset

Overview of New PULL method The original “push” process is based on image copies.With Oracle Database 12c, a “pull” (or restore) process is based on backup sets. A connection is first established with the source database. The auxiliary instance then retrieves the required database files from the source database as backup sets. A restore operation is performed from the auxiliary […]

rman command reference

##Connecting RMAN############## rman TARGET SYS/target_pwd@target_str # connects in NOCATALOG mode rman TARGET / CATALOG rman/rman@rcat rman TARGET / CATALOG rman/rman@rcat AUXILIARY sys/aux_pwd@aux_str ##Create user and catalog in RMAN database ######## CREATE USER rman_dba IDENTIFIED BY rman_dba TEMPORARY TABLESPACE temp DEFAULT TABLESPACE rman_dba QUOTA UNLIMITED ON rman_dba; GRANT RECOVERY_CATALOG_OWNER TO rman_dba; CREATE CATALOG; ## Register Database###### Rman target / catalog rman_dba/rman_dba@<catalog> […]

Database backup and restore after manual catalog RMAN backup

Database backup and restore after manual catalog RMAN backup 1.Please take backup of primary database ORCL rman target / nocatalog log=/tmp/rman_bkp.log << EOF1 run { backup as compressed backupset database format ‘/opt/app/oratest1/bkp/ORCL_%U’; backup as compressed backupset archivelog all format ‘/opt/app/oratest1/bkp/ORCL_ARCH_%U’; } exit; EOF1 Please copy it in backup location to /opt/app/oratest1/bkp 2.Please start nomount RCATT database. 3.Please create controlfile from […]

Duplicate database until Point in Time recover, using backup location from RAC to single instance

Prepare by:  Nurullah Sharif Scope: Point in Time Recovery   Duplicate database until Point in Time recover, using backup location. #PointInTimeRecovery #DuplicateDatabase #RestoreDatabaseUsingBackupLocation   We are using full backup of 28-11-2017 and archivelog backup of 29-11-2017   Step 1: Take full backup and archive log backup. On target database : Rman target / run { backup as compressed BACKUPSET incremental […]


FLASHBACK FEATURES   Purging the Recycle Bin   purge table sales.woodscrews; purge index sales.woodscrews_pk_idx; purge tablespace sales; purge recyclebin;   Undropping Objects in the Recycle Bin   flashback table ws_app.woodscrews to before drop; select object_name, original_name, droptime, dropscn from user_recyclebin; flashback table bonus to before drop rename to bonus_deb;   ———–Accidentaly Delete——————————————   Accidentally dropped table MHC_PA_INT_PPA_SPN_RL_TBL from MHCPA schema […]

RMAN incremental Backup cumulative and differential

RMAN Incremental backup This backups only datafile blocks changed since specified previous backup. 1.This strategy could be followed to make incrementally updated backup .These incrementally updated backup will be used to make updated image copy will all roll forward image. 2.Reduce amount of time to take backup. 3.Save network bandwidth To be able to recover changes to objects created with […]

Different restore and recovery scenario for PDB and CDB in Oracle 12c

Introduction The next document will describe the steps to restore scenario for CDB and PDB using Data protector and RMAN 1.New SYSBACKUP privilege in RMAN 12c 1.1 create common user in CDB with sysbackup privilege. [oracle@rac1 ~]$ export ORACLE_SID=orcl1 [oracle@rac1 ~]$ sqlplus / as sysdba SQL*Plus: Release Production on Sat Dec 9 19:56:36 2017 Copyright (c) 1982, 2014, Oracle. […]

Database point in time recovery using Data protector and RMAN

1 Introduction The next document will describe the steps to restore database point in time using Data protector and RMAN   2. Restore using data protector console   2.1. Restore screen shot       3.  Restore Database PITR using command prompt (Best/Preferred way)   3.1  Restore database 1st incarnation (No need to reset incarnation)   [oracle@cdv1pradmdbv01 ~]$ rman target […]