This document will explain docker UCP for Enterprise grade cluster management

What is Docker UCP

Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP) is the enterprise-grade cluster management solution from Docker. You install it on-premises or in your virtual private cloud, and it helps you manage your Docker swarm and applications through a single interface.

Universal Control Plane is a containerized application that runs on Docker Enterprise Edition and extends its functionality to make it easier to deploy, configure, and monitor your applications at scale.

UCP also secures Docker with role-based access control so that only authorized users can make changes and deploy applications to your Docker cluster.

For more info , refer:-

Installation of Docker UCP


Please note your private IP in case of cloud and you need to provide admin password

[user@debasiseric1 ~]$ docker container run --rm -it --name ucp -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock docker/ucp:2.2.4 install --host-address --interactive

Unable to find image ‘docker/ucp:2.2.4’ locally

2.2.4: Pulling from docker/ucp

b56ae66c2937: Pull complete

68de5ce90bd1: Pull complete

d2de1fff8042: Pull complete

Digest: sha256:2b819b92d2209c0a5680fcee3f99c1090a9d4f1e6fea3003a9a661cbd16cc851

Status: Downloaded newer image for docker/ucp:2.2.4

INFO[0000] Verifying your system is compatible with UCP 2.2.4 (168ec746e)

INFO[0000] Your engine version 18.03.0-ce, build 0520e24 (3.10.0-693.21.1.el7.x86_64) is compatible

WARN[0000] Your system does not have enough memory.  UCP suggests a minimum of 2.00 GB, but you only have 1.88 GB.  You may have unexpected errors.

WARN[0002] Your system uses devicemapper.  We can not accurately detect available storage space.  Please make sure you have at least 3.00 GB available in /var/lib/docker

Admin Username: admin

Admin Password:

invalid: Admin Password – must be at least 8 characters

Admin Password:

Confirm Admin Password:

INFO[0038] Pulling required images… (this may take a while)

INFO[0038] Pulling docker/ucp-swarm:2.2.4

INFO[0039] Pulling docker/ucp-etcd:2.2.4

INFO[0040] Pulling docker/ucp-auth-store:2.2.4

INFO[0042] Pulling docker/ucp-compose:2.2.4

INFO[0044] Pulling docker/ucp-agent:2.2.4

INFO[0045] Pulling docker/ucp-cfssl:2.2.4

INFO[0046] Pulling docker/ucp-auth:2.2.4

INFO[0047] Pulling docker/ucp-metrics:2.2.4

INFO[0049] Pulling docker/ucp-hrm:2.2.4

INFO[0050] Pulling docker/ucp-controller:2.2.4

INFO[0052] Pulling docker/ucp-dsinfo:2.2.4

We detected the following hostnames/IP addresses for this system []

You may enter additional aliases (SANs) now or press enter to proceed with the above list.

Additional aliases:

INFO[0007] Establishing mutual Cluster Root CA with Swarm

INFO[0010] Installing UCP with host address – If this is incorrect, please specify an alternative address with the ‘–host-address’ flag

INFO[0010] Generating UCP Client Root CA

INFO[0010] Deploying UCP Service

INFO[0042] Installation completed on (node qs8cyp1whprtfqikran65p1pj)

INFO[0046] Installation completed on (node rsux1r0yrm5uageho5wycrilk)

INFO[0046] UCP Instance ID: ykxn4szm49ny348z3z8ws4xpp

INFO[0046] UCP Server SSL: SHA-256 Fingerprint=62:9F:FB:1B:97:5C:2F:8E:6E:8A:F1:90:E7:18:0B:C6:EA:76:36:A4:A6:22:57:30:54:40:F7:2F:61:7F:29:0C

INFO[0046] Login to UCP at

INFO[0046] Username: admin

INFO[0046] Password: (your admin password)

Login to docker UCP console now

Please login with admin user and password

Now you can get dash board

License Docker UCP now

Now that UCP is installed, you need to license it.

  1. Go to the Docker Store and buy a Docker EE subscription, or get a free trial license.
  2. In your browser, navigate to the UCP web UI, log in with your administrator credentials and upload your license. Navigate to the Admin Settings page and in the left pane, click License.



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