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Oracle 12c New Features

1.Enterprise Manager and Other Tools

Use EM Express
Use OUI, DBCA for installation and configuration

2.Basics of Multitenant Container Database (CDB)

Identify the benefits of the multitenant container database
Explain root and multitenant architecture

3.Configuring and Creating CDBs and PDBs

Create and configure a CDB
Create and configure a PDB
Migrate a non-CDB to a PDB database

4.Managing CDBs and PDBs

Establish connection to a CDB/PDB
Start up and shut down a CDB/PDB
Change instance parameters for a CDB/PDB

5.Managing Tablespaces, Common and Local Users, Privileges and Roles

Manage tablespaces in a CDB/PDB
Manage users and privileges for CDB/PDB

6.Backup, Recovery and Flashback for a CDB/PDB

Perform backup of CDB and PDB
Perform recovery of CDB and PDB
Perform Flashback for a CDB

7.Information Lifecycle Management and Storage Enhancements

Use ILM features
Perform tracking and automated data placement
Move a data file online

8.In-Database Archiving and Valid-Time Temporal

Differentiate between ILM and Valid-Time Temporal
Set and use Valid Time Temporal
Use In-Database archiving


Enable and configure Unified Audit Data Trail
Create and enable audit policies


Use administrative privileges
Create, enable and use privilege analysis

11.Oracle Data Redaction

Use and manage Oracle Data Redaction policies

12.RMAN and Flashback Data Archive

Use RMAN enhancements
Implement the new features in Flashback Data Archive

13.Index and Table Enhancements

Use Index enhancements
Use Table enhancements
Use Online operation enhancements

14.ADR and Network Enhancements

Explain ADR enhancements

15.Oracle Data Pump, SQL*Loader, External Tables and Online Operations Enhancements

Use Oracle Data Pump enhancements
Use SQL*Loader and External table enhancements

16.Partitioning Enhancements

Explain Partitioning enhancements
Explain Index enhancements for partitioned tables

17.QL Enhancements

Use Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode
Use Row limiting clause, and secure file LOBs enhancements
Configure extended datatypes

Performance Tuning

1.Basic Tuning Diagnostics

Describe the time model
Explain wait events
Diagnose performance problems using V$ views

2.Using Automatic Workload Repository

Analyze database performance using AWR reports

3.Using Metrics and Alerts

Monitor performance using metric thresholds and alerts

4.Using Baselines

Use AWR baselines to monitor performance

5.Using AWR-Based Tools

Diagnose performance issues using ADDM
Diagnose performance issues using ASH reports

6.Monitoring Real-Time Database Operation

Implement Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring

7.Monitoring Applications

Configure and use services to monitor database performance

8.Identifying Problem SQL Statements

Interpret execution plans
Use formatted output of SQL Trace or the optimizer trace to identify poorly performing SQL statements

9.Influencing the Optimizer

Explain how statistics influence the optimizer
Configure parameters to influence the optimizer

10.Reducing the Cost of SQL Operations

Use Automatic Segment Space Management to optimize space management
Use table compression
Diagnose and tune space related issues

11.Using SQL Performance Analyzer

Use SQL Performance Analyzer to test the impact of database changes

12.SQL Performance Management

Manage optimizer statistics
Use SQL Profiles and Advisors to tune SQL statements
Use SQL Plan Management to tune SQL statements

13.Using Database Replay

Use Database Replay to check impact of system change on performance

14.Tuning the Shared Pool

Diagnose and resolve hard and soft parsing problems
Diagnose and resolve performance issues related to the shared pool

15.Tuning the Buffer Cache

Diagnose and resolve performance issues related to the buffer cache

16.Tuning PGA and Temporary Space

Diagnose and resolve performance issues related to PGA
Diagnose and resolve performance issues related to temporary tablespace

17.Using Automatic Memory

Use and tune Automatic Shared Memory Management
Use and tune Automatic Memory Management

18.Tuning I/O

Diagnose database I/O issues
Configure Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for maximum availability

19.Using the Database Resource Manager

Understand and configure the Database Resource Manager

Apart from that,I can provide online training on RAC,ASM,Dataguard,Golden gate Etc.