Oracle DBaaS 1z0-160 part 11: Starting and Stopping Oracle Database deployment

What happens when you stop database in Oracle cloud

When you stop a Database Cloud Service database deployment, no access to it is possible and you can perform no management operations on it except to start it or to delete it.

Stopping a database deployment is similar to turning off your personal computer: it has no computing capabilities because the CPU and RAM have no power, but all its other resources—disk drives and the data they contain, static IP reservations, and so on—

remain and are ready to be put back into use when power is restored.

When database deployment is stopped, its CPU and RAM (an Oracle Compute Cloud Service instance) are stopped. As a consequence, it consumes no OCPU or memory resources and so metering and billing of these resources stop. However, all the other

resources of the database deployment continue to exist and so continue to be metered and billed, including:

  • Oracle Compute Cloud Service resources such as storage volumes and IP address reservations
  • Oracle Storage Cloud Service storage space used by the database deployment’s backups to the Oracle Cloud (if the database deployment was being backed up to cloud storage)

Additionally, when database deployment is stopped, backups of it are not performed.

What happens when you start database in oracle cloud

When you start a stopped Database Cloud Service database deployment, access to it becomes possible again and you can perform management operations on it such as scaling and patching.

Starting a stopped database deployment is similar to turning your personal computerback on: its computing capabilities are restored because the CPU and RAM again have power, and all its other resources are put back into use.

When database deployment is started:

1.An Oracle Compute Cloud Service instance of the appropriate compute shape (OCPU and memory) is allocated to it

2.All other Compute Cloud Service resources associated with it when it was created or as the result of a scaling operation are reattached to it.

3.The allocated Oracle Compute Cloud Service instance is started.

After these steps complete, the database deployment is running and available.Because the started database deployment again consumes OCPU and memory resources, metering and billing of these resources resume

The options for start/stop and restart


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