Oracle DBaaS 1z0-160 part 12:Clone Oracle cloud database using Snapshot

On database deployments hosting a single-instance database, Oracle Database Cloud Service supports the creation of storage snapshots, which you can then use to create new database deployments called linked clones. When you create a storage snapshot, the database deployment is put into maintenance status and a snapshot of all the storage volumes for the deployment is taken. Then, when you create a linked clone deployment, Database Cloud Service creates a new database deployment whose storage volumes are from the snapshot. Using the “copy on write” technology that Oracle Compute Cloud Service supports for storage volume snapshots, the file data on the linked clone deployment can change without changing the snapshot itself. Thus, you can create several linked clones from the same snapshot to use for application testing or branched application development work.

You cannot delete a snapshot that has linked clone database deployments created from it. You must first delete the linked clone deployments, as described in Deleting a Database Deployment.

First create storage snapshot and provide “snap1” name

Now press “create” to create storage snapshot

You can note that snap1 is created now

Now you can create database clone using “snap1” snapshot

Now you can create instance with this snapshot

Please review all information before create


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