Oracle DBaaS 1z0-160 part 16 :-Attach storage volume to the node from compute classic

The following points need to be considered when you add new storage volume.

A compute node can have a maximum of ten storage volumes attached to it.

You can create a storage volume from 1 GB to 2048 GB in size, in increments of 1 GB.

If the database deployment to which you attach this temporary storage is restarted or is stopped and then started, the storage volume becomes detached from the compute node and you must reattach it.

After reattaching the storage volume, you must then connect to the compute node and remount it.

If the compute node is rebooted, such as when following the instructions in Rebooting a Compute Node , the temporary storage becomes unmounted and you must remount it.

You can attach storage volume to the node from compute classic .You need to select correct site to show instance.


Now go to “Storage” tab and select “Create Storage Volume”

Please specify below input to create new stoarge

Now you can attach the storage volume to the instance using below option

Now /dev/xvdi storage volume will be appeared

The screen will explain how you can create partition

Please create file system and mount now

Please change the /etc/fstab entry to mount /u06 automatically after restart

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