Oracle DBaaS 1z0-160 part 27 :-Updating cloud tooling using raccli

1.Connect as the opc user to the compute node.

2.Execute the raccli update rdk subcommand:

$ raccli update rdk -tag tag-number

where tag-number is the version of tooling you want to update to, without the dots in the version number. For example, to update to 17.2.5 tooling you would enter 1725.

If you are updating the cloud tooling on a database deployment that also uses Oracle Data Guard, you must also execute the update databasepassword command to store the password in the keystore (wallet) if you are updating from release 17.2.1 or earlier.


3.You can update cloud tool for RAC using below command.

[opc@pocracdemo1 ~]$ raccli update rdk -tag latest
 “jobId” : “41”,
 “requestStatus” : “SUCCESS”

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