Oracle DBaaS 1z0-160 part 4:-Creating Cloud service roles and users and assign new roles

The DBaaS Database Administrator role is created for Oracle Database Cloud Service.When the Database Cloud Service account is first set up, the service administrator is given this role. User accounts with this role must be added before anyone else can access and use Database Cloud Service.

The identity domain administrator can create more Database Cloud Service administrators by creating user accounts and assigning them the DBaaS Database Administrator role. See Managing User Accounts in Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud.

DBaaS Administrator Role has following privileges:-

1.Create and delete database deployments.

2.Scale/Patch and Backup or Restore.

3.Monitor and manage services of DBaaS.

1.Creating new user from Identity Management Console

1.A Please navigate to identity management console

1.B Please click on add user details

1.C You need to provide user details in that form

1.D Your mate will get email after you have created the role

1.E But After user activated his account he can not access Database cloud service.

2.Please provide DBaaS role to the user now

2.A  You need to navigate to identity management console to provide DBaaS roles to the user you created

2.B Please select DBAAS role

2.C Please assign DBaaS Administrator role to the user now

2.D Select the user and assign

2.E Please ask user to log into his account again

2.F Now user need to select “Oracle Database Cloud Service” role

2.G Now user has access to “Create Instance”

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