Oracle DBaaS 1z0-160 part 7:Connecting you Oracle cloud database server using SSH

Please identify public IP

Configure SSH connectivity:

  1. In Host Name (or IP address) box, enter the IP address of the target compute node.
  2. Confirm that the Connection type option is set to SSH.
  3. In the Category tree, expand SSH and then click Auth. The Auth panel is displayed.
  4. Click the Browse button next to the Private key file for authentication box.

Then, in the Select private key file window, navigate to and open the private key file that matches the public key used during the database deployment creation process.

Please provide your saved private key location .You can refer below url where I mentioned how to generate private key.

Please save this putty session.Now you can login using OPC user.


If you forget your private SSH key,You can again regenerate using following link

Please put public key generated from puttygen and keep private key secret

Please paste the public key generated using putty keygen

Now please modify your private key path in SSH saved connection and you will be able to connect again.

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