PostgreSQL DBA part2 :-How to connect postgresql database

A.Connecting postgresql locally using port Please identify port in postgresql.conf under /opt/edb/as9.6/data and connect using psql There are pre-requisites for allowing local connection.This pg_hba.conf file is under  /opt/edb/as9.6/data.Please make sure last parameter should be md5 not peer. The below content is for example what should be in pg_hba.conf # “local” is for Unix domain socket connections only local all all md5 # […]

DOCKER CONCEPT FOR DBA– PART 10 : How to secure docker private repository using openssl certificate key

This document explains how to secure private repository using openssl key Before we can use a private repository, we will need to secure it and offer user authentication. Let’s create a self-signed certificate, use the ‘registry’ container by Docker to create basic user authentication, and then copy the files where they need to go on the hosting server. root@deb-VirtualBox:~# mkdir […]

Monitor real time active session statistics by ORAPUB tool

The tool was devised by Craig from ORAPUB which is excellent to monitor what happens in session real time. 1.First I need to down OSM tool kit from ORAPUB. First we need to run the following scripts to create some pre-requisite tables under sys/system schema. a)osmprep.sql — ****************************************************** — * Copyright Notice : (c)1998-2014,2015 OraPub, Inc. — * Filename : […]

DOCKER CONCEPT FOR DBA– PART 9 : How to use docker tar command in docker to re-instantiate new docker

1.Creating docker tar file from docker image.We can transfer that tar file and import to another docker instance. root@deb-VirtualBox:~# docker image save mywebserver:v1>mywebserver.tar root@deb-VirtualBox:~# ls -ltr mywebserver.tar -rw-r–r– 1 root root 330399232 May 2 19:53 mywebserver.tar 2.Remove the existing docker image  root@deb-VirtualBox:~# docker rmi -f mywebserver:v1 Untagged: mywebserver:v1 3.Please note the image is deleted root@deb-VirtualBox:~# docker images 4.Now we can […]

Oracle DBaaS 1z0-160 part 33 :-Patching in Oracle cloud RAC database

Step 1:-Please check available patch and run precheck Step 2:-Pre-check results failed with below message Step 3:-Update RDK using below command to update cloud tool [opc@pocracdemo1 ~]$ raccli update rdk -tag latest {  “jobId” : “41”,  “requestStatus” : “SUCCESS” } Step 4:-Please apply patch now From command line Apply a patch to the Oracle Database home using the apply patch subcommand with […]

Oracle Virtual Box VM:-How to create network setting and interface in Oracle Virtual Box to connect internet as well as connect from host

This note will describe the process to connect Oracle Virtual box VM directly from your host using ssh as well as from VM to internet connection. I will use 2 types of VM interface. a)NAT network for internet connection from VM b)Host only adapter for ssh connection from host to the VM. Step 1:-First I will go to File->Preferences and […]

Oracle DBaaS 1z0-160 part 32 :-On-premise database migration to oracle cloud using data pump conventional Export/Import

On-premise database migration to oracle cloud using data pump conventional Export/Import This is simplest migration if you prefer to migrate one schema to oracle cloud. Source:-On-premise database(Hostname:-gnssrv01 ) Target:-Oracle cloud database (Hostname:-myclone) Step 1:-On the on-premises database host, create an operating system directory to use for the on-premises database export files. $ mkdir /u01/app/oracle/admin/orcl/dpdump/for_cloud Step 2:-Create a directory object in […]

Cache buffer chain CBC latch simple query to investigate

For deep understanding on CBC,please refer to below links:- and Video tutorial from ORAPUB. I am just going to mention some useful queries to investigate or identify CBC latch Step 1:-You as user fire a sql query from client. select * from cbctest; Step 2:-Now oracle will search metadata and determine what is your file_id and block_id to locate […]