script to get query for reclaim space from auto extensible datafile

set linesize 1000 pagesize 0 feedback off trimspool on
 hwm as (
 -- get highest block id from each datafiles ( from x$ktfbue as we don't need all joins from dba_extents )
 select /*+ materialize */ ktfbuesegtsn ts#,ktfbuefno relative_fno,max(ktfbuebno+ktfbueblks-1) hwm_blocks
 from sys.x$ktfbue group by ktfbuefno,ktfbuesegtsn
 hwmts as (
 -- join ts# with tablespace_name
 select name tablespace_name,relative_fno,hwm_blocks
 from hwm join v$tablespace using(ts#)
 hwmdf as (
 -- join with datafiles, put 5M minimum for datafiles with no extents
 select file_name,nvl(hwm_blocks*(bytes/blocks),5*1024*1024) hwm_bytes,bytes,autoextensible,maxbytes
 from hwmts right join dba_data_files using(tablespace_name,relative_fno)
 case when autoextensible='YES' and maxbytes>=bytes
 then -- we generate resize statements only if autoextensible can grow back to current size
 '/* reclaim '||to_char(ceil((bytes-hwm_bytes)/1024/1024),999999)
 ||'M from '||to_char(ceil(bytes/1024/1024),999999)||'M */ '
 ||'alter database datafile '''||file_name||''' resize '||ceil(hwm_bytes/1024/1024)||'M;'
 else -- generate only a comment when autoextensible is off
 '/* reclaim '||to_char(ceil((bytes-hwm_bytes)/1024/1024),999999)
 ||'M from '||to_char(ceil(bytes/1024/1024),999999)
 ||'M after setting autoextensible maxsize higher than current size for file '
 || file_name||' */'
 end SQL
 from hwmdf
 bytes-hwm_bytes>1024*1024 -- resize only if at least 1MB can be reclaimed
 order by bytes-hwm_bytes desc

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