ASM overview and commands

  Automatic Storage Management (ASM) A.Overview of Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Automatic Storage Management (ASM) simplifies administration of Oracle related files by allowing the administrator to reference disk groups rather than individual disks and files, which are managed by ASM. The ASM functionality is an extention of the Oracle Managed Files (OMF) functionality that also includes striping and mirroring to […]

How to add raw disk first in vmware host RHEL 7 from datastore and attach to ASM diskgroup using udev rules and asmca

First Add disk from datastore to the VM server node using following steps Login to vCenter console and Right Click Server -> Edit Settings. Click Add and add a New Disk Create a new virtual disk. Provide capacity and all related setting. Also specify the Datastore.   Select proper settings in Virtual Device Node Check all the settings and Finish […]