RMAN cloning oracle 12c database RAC to single instance from tape backup to another host in new database name

1.Copy the init parameter file from source . 2.In target place this init file to $ORACLE_HOME/dbs 3.Change following parameter in init file to make it compatible to single instance. Replace original instance name to target name in pfile .For my case it should EBILTST as target. ##Remove following parameters## EBILDR12.__data_transfer_cache_size=0 EBILDR11.__data_transfer_cache_size=0 EBILDR11.__db_cache_size=5939134464 EBILDR12.__db_cache_size=3154116608 EBILDR12.__java_pool_size=234881024 EBILDR11.__java_pool_size=234881024 EBILDR12.__large_pool_size=5335154688 EBILDR11.__large_pool_size=5268045824 EBILDR11.__oracle_base=’/u01/app/oracle’#ORACLE_BASE set from […]

Clone point in time Recovery using Dataprotector and RMAN for single instance to single instance

1.Login to source database 2. Create temporary pfile from spfile of source database   2.1. create temporary pfile from spfile sqlplus / as sysdba SQL>create pfile=’/tmp/inittest.ora’ from spfile;     2.2. Change parameters in init parameter to fit target database   Please change all source database name to target database name and create audit_file_dest and control_files loction   BKPTSTC.__data_transfer_cache_size=0 BKPTSTC.__db_cache_size=939524096 […]